The Complete Resource Guide to Finding the Right Personal Care Home

Many seniors who require some assistance with daily living routines prefer a smaller, more home-like setting rather than a large senior housing complex. Residential Personal Care Homes in Atlanta are a great choice for seniors, but choosing a residential Personal Care Home can be a challenging task since not all of them are licensed.

Atlanta Senior Advocates provides immediate and detailed assistance to those interested in this level of senior housing and care.

What is a Residential Personal Care Home?

In Atlanta, a residential Personal Care Home is a residence in a neighborhood that provides protective care and watchful oversight of seniors who desire to maintain an active lifestyle but need some degree of supervision and assistance with daily personal needs. Adults must not have ongoing medical needs, like IV fluids, that typically require a higher level of care such as found in Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Residential Personal Care Homes are licensed by the State of Georgia to provide housing, food service and assisted services for one or more non-related seniors. The senior must be able to bear their own weight and not be bed bound in order to qualify for placement in a residential Personal Care Home.

Many of the licensed residential Personal Care Homes are found in neighborhoods; these homes have been modified to meet State requirements for safety and health codes as well as standards for staffing and nutrition.

What are the services offered in a Residential Personal Care Home?

A residential Personal Care Home in Atlanta typically houses between 2 and 10 residents who rent private rooms but have access to the entire house. These homes typically provide:

  • Bedroom
  • Meals – three per day plus snacks
  • Watchful oversight
  • Medication management that includes supervision of self-administered medication
  • Companionship
  • Personal care services that include assistance with dressing, eating , bathing, grooming, and toileting
  • Activities and recreation
  • Housekeeping and laundry service
  • Provide or arrange transportation and other services in the types and amounts needed by the resident

Residential Personal Care Homes may be operated by for-profit companies or non-profit organizations.

What criteria might signal the need for a Residential Personal Care Home in Atlanta?

There are no specific rules or formats that determine the need for a residential Personal Care Home but, in general, seniors are appropriate for this level of care if they:

  • No longer can maintain independent living
  • Are in need of supervision
  • Are in need of personal care services
  • Have physical or cognitive impairments
  • Are in need of assistance with medication management


What should be anticipated with a move to a Residential Personal Care Home?

Any move to a senior residence such as a residential Personal Care Home can bring on feelings of loss and depression as the senior realizes that he or she can no longer live a completely self-sufficient lifestyle however there are a number of benefits indicating that this level of senior housing is very advantageous for many.

  • Because the home is usually smaller with fewer residents, there is often a better caregiver-to-resident ratio
  • Residents receive more individualized care and attention
  • Residential Personal Care Homes are generally less expensive than other levels of senior housing
  • Aesthetics vary greatly – some more homey while others more sophisticated
  • Usually residents have a choice of a furnished room or the option of outfitting the room with their own furniture and belongings
  • Residents feel a sense of control, privacy, and independence in making choices
  • Many residential Personal Care Homes provide a program of dementia care as the need arises

Prior to a senior selecting and relocating to a residential Personal Care Home, the senior must be evaluated by a physician to determine if this level of senior housing and care will meet the needs of the potential resident.

    WWhat are the costs associated with an Atlanta Residential Personal Care Home?

    With any residential Personal Care Home, the admissions agreement should clearly indicate all fees that a resident is expected to incur during their stay each month. Some of these homes bill on a fee for service basis however the majority offer all-inclusive pricing.

    The cost per month in a residential Personal Care Home depends on the location of the home and the services required by the senior. Generally, residential Personal Care Homes do not have high overhead expenses of a large complex. Therefore, monthly costs can be less that other Assisted Living choices.

      Is there a resource that will help individuals navigate through this process?

      Atlanta Senior Advocates matches the needs of families, seniors and decision makers with the appropriate residential Personal Care Home criteria, taking into consideration all the relevant factors such as location, needs, amenities and budget. We don’t just provide lists and leave you on your own. We accompany you through the entire process, touring facilities, talking with owners, managers, staff and current residents, to help evaluate each home. We will assess the needs, determine options, make joint visits, and help you make the most informed decision possible.