The Complete Resource Guide to Finding the Right Alzheimer’s & Memory Care Community

For seniors with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, or other recognized disorder that affects memory and cognitive functioning, memory care is a specialized form of senior care and housing designed to meet their unique needs and personal safety requirements.

These safe, secured units, which place emphasis on respect and dignity for every senior, are designed for those who exhibit exit-seeking behavior, severe cognitive impairments, aggression or behavioral issues, or require full assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, eating, walking and management of medications.

The stage of the disease will help determine what level of care is most suitable to the senior’s needs. For some, residence in an Assisted Living Community may meet the daily needs the senior exhibits; for others, a Personal Care Home can be an appropriate option as services such as home care or hospice may be contracted to augment the care provided by the staff of the home. Atlanta Senior Advocates can help families and decision makers with this determination.

What are the services offered at a Memory Care Center in Atlanta?

Memory Care Centers in Atlanta offer a higher level of oversight and supervision to prevent wandering and to assure that all needs of the resident are met, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Specially trained staff with knowledge in memory, cognitive, and behavioral issues, work directly with residents to deliver care and provide activities and programs for mental stimulation. Rooms are either private or semi-private and are typically located within certain Assisted Living Communities or in Skilled Nursing Facilities, often in dedicated wings or units. Additionally, there are several free-standing Memory Care Centers. In general, services include:

    • Prepared meals
    • 24-hour availability of nurses and caregivers
    • Assistance with daily living routines
    • Management of medications
    • Social activities and mental stimulation
    • Physical exercise and therapy programs
    • Emergency call systems
    • Access to medical care

      What criteria might signal the need for a Memory Care Center?

      Each senior’s situation is unique and different, thus it is important to talk with Atlanta Senior Advocates to determine what level of care is needed. Some signs that memory care should be explored include:

      • Inability to care for oneself
      • Increase in incontinence
      • Increase in wandering/exit-seeking behavior
      • Heightened aggression toward others or self-destructive behavior
      • Requires 24 hour supervision

      What are the costs associated with a Memory Care Center in Atlanta?

      As with any specialized care, the cost for memory care is quite high. Medicaid will cover expenses for a memory care placement but eligibility requirements must be met. In the Atlanta area, costs range from approximately $1700 to more than $7000 per month depending on the needs of the senior, location of the center, amenities offered and other factors. Call Atlanta Senior Advocates for help in deciding on the right memory care center.

      What should be anticipated when deciding on an Assisted living in atlanta?

      Making the decision to move into an Atlanta Assisted Living Community is often clouded by a myriad of emotions. For the senior moving into Assisting Living, it represents a significant lifestyle change and perhaps a feeling of losing independence. For those who helped make the decision, feelings of anxiety, guilt and even fear may arise and engender questions such as “Are we making the right choice with this community?” “Will all her needs be met here?” “Will he have a good quality of life in this community?”

        What are the costs associated with Assisted Living Communities?

        Cost is a major consideration since the expenses are out-of-pocket, commonly known as private pay. Medicare and other government health insurances, including Medicaid, do not cover the expenses of Assisted Living. In Georgia, there are Medicaid waiver programs such as SOURCE and CCSP that provide some payment to residential personal care homes based on specific health and financial requirements of the individual. If the individual has long term care insurance, the policy should specify how much of it will cover assisted living based on a daily rate and time period. Assisted Living Communities offer several pricing models:

        • All-Inclusive
        • Base rent plus level of care
        • Multi-Tiered
        • Points System
        • A-La-Carte

        Choosing the right Assisted Living Atlanta Community can be a complex process. Given the sheer volume of Assisted Living Communities in Atlanta, making the proper choice will involve considerable research, time, and personally visiting properties.

          Is there a resource to help individuals navigate through this process?

          Atlanta Senior Advocates works with families, seniors, and decision-makers in exploring memory care center options and provides information and guidance so that the most suitable memory care center is carefully selected. We maintain an extensive record and working relationship with numerous Atlanta area Assisted Living Communities, Personal Care Homes, Memory Care Centers and other levels of senior care to help cut through the myriad of online lists to arrive at the best option for the senior. We take into consideration all relevant factors, unique requirements and safety needs of the senior to enable families to make informed decisions.