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Our Approach

Why do you need an Advocate?

Ensuring the quality of life for your senior loved one relies on making informed decisions. Wondering how to gain this knowledge quickly? You need an Advocate by your side.

Relying solely on the internet to find the ideal senior living option isn’t advisable. It only provides a polished “brochure” view, lacking insight into the real people who will be involved in their care.

Beware of the internet’s growing number of referral-generating placement companies eager to collect your personal data for mass communication and profit. Their lists aren’t tailored to your unique situation.

We operate locally. Our Advocates possess firsthand knowledge about a community’s care quality, resident happiness, and staff turnover rates.

Rest assured, we prioritize safeguarding your personal information and do not share your contact details with communities.

Our Service is Free

  • We Offer: Personal Consultation and Guidance by an Experienced Local Advocate.
  • We Offer: Education on how the Complex Senior Living Industry works.
  • We Offer: Customized Options that are Based on your Loved One’s Circumstances.
  • We Offer: Explanation of the different Types of Senior Living Models, Care versus Social.
  • We Offer: Advocates gather exact Pricing and Availability information, Schedule Tours, and can Accompany Families to Communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need An Advocate?

The quality of life for your senior loved one hinges on making an informed choice. We swiftly and comprehensively educate our families, enabling them to make the correct decision from the start.

What Will My Advocate Do For Me & My Family?

We stay actively involved in the senior living world every day, giving us firsthand insight into a community’s care quality, staff turnover, and residents’ happiness. Our Advocates will supply you with up-to-date details about the communities you’re interested in, while the internet merely presents a brochure-style view.

How Is My Advocate's Information Different From The Internet?

We work in the field daily, not in an office. This provides us with firsthand knowledge of a community’s quality of care, turnover in staff and most importantly, the happiness of their residents. The internet only shows you the brochure version.

How Do I Get Started?

Call us at 404.271.3555. We will ask questions about your loved one’s medical, social and financial needs to determine the best options.

My Parent Is Being Discharged In 3 Days From The Hospital and Can Not Go Home. Where Do I Start?

Call us! We specialize in handling crisis situations to assist under difficult time constraints.

How Much Does Your Service Cost?

There is no charge for our services.

Can You Help Me With Veterans (VA) Aid and Attendance Benefits?

Yes. Aid & Attendance is a reimbursement for assisted living and memory care costs. Our resource can expedite eligible claim applications.